Robbie as Paul Stanley        Bob as Ace Frehley         Steve as Gene Simmons    Dave as Peter Criss


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DESTROYER can rock the stage for a well-paced 2-hour show.
Here's a look at one of our recent song/performance lists.

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A Typical DESTROYER Show

Detroit Rock City

Shout It Out

Love It Loud

Do You Love Me
King Of The Nightime World

Got To Choose
(Gene spits fire if it's legal.)
Come On And Love Me
I Want You
(Bob rips an Ace solo.)
Black Diamond
Rock Bottom
Cold Gin
Love Gun
Doctor Love
Christine Sixteen
Shock Me
I Was Made For Lovin' You
(Bring on some blood, baby.)
God Of Thunder
Lick It Up

Rock & Roll All Nite

Heaven's on Fire

Hard Luck Woman

Ladies' Room

War Machine

I Stole Your Love

2000 Man

Hotter Than Hell

King of the Nightime World

Psycho Circus

I Stole Your Love

Take Me

Rock Bottom

War Machine